The Kate Braid



Thick, textured, tousseled. The perfect braid for all occasions.

Once again, Kate Moss, the most prominent supermodel of her generation, is setting the trend. Renowned for her sense of style and trendy wardrobe, she is also known for her hair: long blond hair for a romantic look, a Twiggy-style short cut and here, a mid-length side braid. And it goes without saying that, when it comes to beautiful hair, the “waif” always gets good advice. After all, her favorite hairstylist is none other than celebrity-favorite – Sam McKnight.


Keratine Thermique


Laque Couture


GET THE LOOKStep by Step Guide

  • 1. Prep the hair with MATÉRIALISTE thickening spray throughout by applying 2-3 pumps of product on your hands then your hair.
  • 2. Dry hair with a diffuser.
  • 3. Create a 3 strand braid. The oustide left strand comes to the center, then outside right comes to the center.
  • 4. Alternate left to right.
  • 5. Loosen the braid to create a soft romantic look. Set as needed with LACQUE COUTURE .

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