FEATURING ANJA RUBIKAn Intimate Session with The Supermodel

Anja Rubik

Nobody embodies the versatility of style like Anja Rubik. The supermodel and editor-in-chief of 25 Magazine is celebrated as a veritable chameleon in fashion and beauty. Anja is not only a world-wide sensation, she is also adaptable enough to pose for anything from Chanel to Gucci. She is one exceptional woman capable of so many different styles; perhaps we all love her because she is so enigmatic.

10 QUESTIONSwith Anja Rubik

Q: When did you rst start using Kérastase? Do you have a memorable experience with the brand? 
A: I started using Kérastase many years ago. Someone backstage at a show recommended the brand to me and said that the shampoo and conditioner would be great for my hair. I've been addicted to it ever since.


Q: You have recently said that you're in the very beautiful position of being able to collaborate with brands that you identify with. Why did you decide to partner with Kérastase? 
A: For many years, I've been faithful to Kérastase products. There is a real unique luxurious quality to the brand, which I gravitate towards and I love that there is a transformative element.


Q: The Visions of Style looks play on the notion that women no longer have to be just one "type" of person every single day. You can change attitudes like you change out ts. Do you think this concept is accurate to describe women in society today?
A: For me, it's important to grow and constantly change and evolve. In fashion, you have di erent seasons and trends. It's great to be able to mix it up with your own personal style and mood. You can go sleeker at night or more rock 'n' roll during the day. This de nitely resonates with the modern woman. It's liberating to be whomever you want and continuously reinvent yourself.


Q: Which Visions of Style II look was your favorite? Why? 
A: "L'teaser" because it felt really sleek and cool yet classic and chic at the same time.


Q: What role does hair play in achieving beauty?
A: Hair frames the face and can completely change a look. You can make a look more elevated and elegant if your hair is "done" or dress down a look and make it more disheveled and cool if you wear your hair messier.


Anja Rubik
Behind The Scenes
Chameleon of Style

Q: Hair plays a huge role in fashion. What role has hair played in your professional life? In your personal life? 

A: Hair is an extension of your style and expression of yourself. It can be really empowering and liberating to change your look and transform yourself, experiment with how you feel and your current state of mind. It completely in uences your mood and can be encouraging and fun.


Q: They say beauty is not only skin deep. What is your vision of ideal beauty? 
A: True beauty is strength, con dence and kindness.


Q: What is something you've learned in your styling experience that has helped you in the rest of your life? 
A: Less is more.


Q: What is the toughest moment you have had to face in your career?
A:'s tough to pick yourself up and keep going when people say no. But it's a part of this industry and a part of life. You have to use it as ammunition to keep pushing.


Q: What are you most proud of in life?
A: Not giving up on my dreams...even in di cult moments or when everyone says no. Whenever one door closes, try the window!

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