Cristal Sculpt

Dual sculpting serum for high glossy shine with light hold

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  • Benefits
    • Light hold
    • Featherweight touch
    • High glossy shine
    • Versatile Styling Tool


    TIP: Because it’s a dual chamber pump, be sure to always use two fingers to allow equal amounts of product to be dispensed.
  • How to use
    • Apply 2-3 pumps to towel dried hair before blow drying or apply on dry hair to finish and add shine.


    • On wet hair: natural and smooth finish
    • Before using a curling iron: to get plump curls for a voluptuous, wavy finish
    • Before using a flat iron: for smooth lengths without weight
    • Before a blowdry: adds moisture for added softness
    • On dry hair, as a touch-up: for radiant shine through length of hair
  • Key Technology
    • Liquid Light Complex
      • Anti-dry magnet-like polymers – Eco-friendly conditioning care agents, leaves lengths and ends smooth and polished
      • Oil Solubization System – Roots are left pure and weightless
      • Aloe Vera Illuminator – Powerful, natural moisturizer that enhances natural hair glow and shimmer
    • Alpha Hydroxy Acids – a skincare inspired ingredient that prepares hair fiber for better absorption
    • Ceramide – protects the hair fiber and smoothes cuticles

    Crystal Sculpt

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