Defined Curls

GET THE LOOKStep-by-Step


  • 1. After your hair has been prepped with Mousse Substantive, apply OLEO CURL CREME generously to the mid-lengths and ends..
  • 2. Using a comb, Isolate individual curls and comb through to organize
  • 3. With tension, hold the end of your curl and spin away from your face.
  • 4. Repeat the motion to define curls all over then blow dry with a diffuser until your hair is 80% dry to avoid frizz and retain the shape.
  • 5. To finish I like to use MOUSSE SUBTANTIVE to redefine the curls once dry.
  • 6. Shape up your curls or add volume to your blow out by using Mousse Substantive, the perfect product for full, voluminous hair with a soft flexible touch..