Hair by Marcus Francis

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  • 1. Using the end of a tail comb, section a deep side part using the arch of the eyebrow as a guide. Follow it back to the nape of the neck and pin up to later twist.
  • 2. Apply MOUSSE SUBSTANTIVE from roots to ends. Scrunch hair using a diffuser until dry and piecey.
  • 3. Grab random sections and curl using a 1" barrel curling iron for a slightly undone feel.
  • 4. Apply CRISTAL SCULPT from roots to ends and apply to the side that is sectioned off. From the hairline, twist the hair to slightly mimic a corn row braid, keeping it taut and close to the head. Secure with an elastic when you get to the base of the hairline at the nape.
  • 5. Dry and scrunch ends with a diffuser.
  • 6. Add a horned hair comb for that extra nod to the punk era, making the placement a bit unpredictable.
  • 7. Secure with bobby pins and DOUBLE FORCE CONTROL ULTIME Hairspray.
Cristal Sculpt
Dual sculpting serum for high glossy shine with light hold