Cascading Curls

GET THE LOOKStep-by-Step


  • 1. To create an overall cascading curl effect... starting at your temples use your finger tips to draw a zig zag parting join at the back of the head to section away the top from the bottom.
  • 2. Take two pumps of FIBRE ARCHITECTE and apply to mid lengths and ends of the bottom section.
  • 3. Beginning on the side, take long narrow sections.
  • 4. Hold the iron vertically pointing towards the ceiling or the floor.
  • 5. With the opposite hand, wrap your section around the iron, beginning at the roots.
  • 6. For easy effortless curls use any iron like a wand and wrap your section over the wand and hold in place to set.
  • 7. Release the top section.
  • 8. Apply FIBRE ARCHITECTE to mid lengths and ends and repeat technique.
  • 9. Be sure to wrap the front sections away from your face.
  • 10. Shake your head to loosen the curls.
  • 11. Once curls have cooled, take vertical sections and brush through with tension, then rushe the section to create soft, full curls.
  • 12. To finish and set the look, spray with DOUBLE FORCE CONTROLE ULTIME Hairspray.
  • 13. The FIBRE ARCHITECTE serum not only heals and seals your weakened hair, it provides radiant shine and allows you to create versatile styles.
Reconstructive serum that repairs and delivers long-lasting style memory for damaged, split ends