Visions of Style: La Pony

SEE THE LOOKTextured, Voluminous Ponytail



The haute-couture ponytail elevated to new heights

Featuring V.I.P Dry Volumizing and Texturizing Spray

Gone is the perception that the ponytail is the solution for a bad hair day with this head-turning look. Perched high on the head, this ponytail erupts with texture and volume from a tight slick-back. No longer meant to be worn after the gym, this style deserves an equally bold, backless cocktail dress.

GET THE LOOKStep by Step Guide

  • 1. Spray V.I.P on a teasing brush.
  • 2. On dry hair, separate the top section of your fringe and backcomb the roots to create volume.
  • 3. Using an oval brush, smooth the surface of the backcombed section to create volume at the forehead.
  • 4. Pull the hair back into a high ponytail, while maintaining the volume created at the front. Secure with a hair band.
  • 5. Separate a small section from the bottom of the ponytail, and wrap it around the base to hide the hair band. Secure with a pin.
  • 6. Divide the ponytail in half. Spray the bottom section with V.I.P and backcomb using a teasing brush.
  • Finish - Backcomb the base of the top section of the ponytail and smooth to cover the lower half. Finish all over with LAQUE NOIRE.

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