Visions of Style: L'Oversize

SEE THE LOOKMaximum Body and Bounce



A luscious explosion that takes volume to new heights

Featuring LIFT VERTIGE Long-lasting Touchable Root Lift

Bigger, brilliant volume. Roots are lifted, lengths are full of exaggerated bounce. A statement-making style when worn by day with laid-back jeans and a blazer, glamorously dramatic when paired with a flowing gown by night. Eternally seductive, volume so exquisite you dare to run your fingers through it.

GET THE LOOKStep by Step Guide

  • 1. Apply a hazelnut-sized amount of LIFT VERTIGE to the palm of your hand.
  • 2. Evenly distribute the product from the roots to ends of towel-dried hair.
  • 3. Separate your hair into sections and wrap around large velcro rollers.
  • 4. Spray LAQUE DENTELLE all over to set the curls.
  • 5. Follow by blow drying your hair in rollers to set the shape.
  • 6. Gently release the rollers and brush the hair back.
  • Finish - Create volume at the roots by backcombing hair with a fine-tooth comb. For long-lasting hold, mist hair with LAQUE DENTELLE.

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Laque Dentelle
Flexible Hold Hairspray for Working or Finishing Styles
Lift Vertige
Long-Lasting Touchable Root-Lifting Gel