Beach-y, Edgy Style

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SUNO ֠Hair by Odile Gilbert

  • 1. Apply NECTAR THERMIQUE all over and Blow dry hair and create a deep middle part.
  • 2. Curl hair in sections with a medium-barrel curling iron, and then brush out the curls while blasting with a blow dryer to create a beach-y texture.
  • 3. Take the front sections of the hair and pull them back over the ears, tying underneath the length at the nape of the neck with a clear elastic to create a "hair headband".
  • 4. Apply a generous amount of FORME FATALE at the top of the head to give a wet/shiny look.
  • 5. Spray the length with LAQUE DENTELLE and finish with POWDER BLUFF to achieve a matte, textured style.
Heat-protective blowdry primer for dry, very dry, sensitized hair
Forme Fatale
All-Over Bodifying Gel
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Laque Dentelle
Flexible Hold Hairspray for Working or Finishing Styles
Powder Bluff
Dry Shampoo for Instant Texture and Volume
Dry Volumizing and Texturizing Spray
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Baume Double Je
Multi-Talented Styling Pomade
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