Warrior Princess Ponytail

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LIBERTINE - Hair by Akemi Tamaribuchi for Kerastase Paris

  • 1. On damp hair, apply MOUSSE VOLUMIFIQUE from roots to ends and blow dry with hands.
  • 2. Create a center part and gather hair into a soft, low ponytail over the ears and secure with an elastic at the nape of the neck.
  • 3. Apply a pea-sized amount of SHORT MANIA to the ponytail and lightly roughen with fingers.
  • 4. Spray POWDER BLUFF throughout, working it from below and upwards to achieve a gauzy, angelic look.
  • 5. For a more edgy look, attach two small hair extension pieces to both sides of the head with pins, tucking one side into the hair and leaving the other loose.
  • 6. Finish the look with LAQUE DENTELLE.
Mousse Volumifique
Weightless volumizing mousse for fine hair
Short Mania
Semi-Matte Paste for Definition and Control
Powder Bluff
Dry Shampoo for Instant Texture and Volume
Laque Dentelle
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Laque Noire
Extra-Strong Hold Hairspray for Setting Long-Lasting Styles
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Volume In Powder
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