Chic, Adorned Up-Do

GET THE LOOKStep-by-Step



  • 1. On damp hair, start by creating a center part; divide hair into three sections ֠two forward of the ears and one on the back of the head.
  • 2. Take the back section and divide it horizontally.
  • 3. Apply CIMENT THERMIQUE to the lower back section and create a tight braid, wrapping it around the back of the head and pinning it to create an anchor for the hair style.
  • 4. Apply CIMENT THERMIQUE and DOUBLE FORCE CONTROLE ULTIME Hairspray to the front left section; pull it towards the back right side of the head and pin into place.
  • 5. Add more CIMENT THERMIQUE and DOUBLE FORCE CONTROLE ULTIME Hairspray to the right front section and pull it behind the head, rolling and tucking the length into the anchored braid and pin into place.
  • 6. Adorn the top of the roll with two silver barrettes placed diagonally.
  • 7. Add a generous amount of ELIXIR ULTIME MORINGA IMMORTEL at the top of the head for extreme shine. (for a more every day look, use a pea-sized amount of this product)
  • 8. Finish with DOUBLE FORCE CONTROLE ULTIME Hairspray to hold style into place.
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