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Nutritive for dry, thick hair

Nutritive for dry, thick hair


Immersion Nutritive

  • Erases symptoms of dryness, amplifying nutritional power
  • Nourishes and perfects hair cuticle 'scales' on the surface

Bain Satin 2

  • Gently cleanses while providing optimal fiber nutrition to dry hair
  • Hair fiber is conditioned, smoothed and supple
  • Evens out hair surface for optimized shine and manageability for styling

Masquintense Thick

  • Complete and intense nutrition for dry hair
  • Deeply penetrates the fiber with nourishment from mid-lengths to ends
  • Weightless nutrition for hair suppleness
  • Long-lasting defense against the return of dryness

Touche Perfection

  • Touch Up On-the-Go Nourishment for Dry Ends
  • Immunity from Dryness Anytime, Anywhere
  • Nourishing Action: Softness and Shine
  • Perfecting Action: Smooths and Controls Frizz