Silky Waves

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  • 1. Divide your dry hair into two sections: top to bottom.
  • 2. Beginning with the bottom section, take a quarter size amount of NECTAR THERMIQUE into your hands and emulsify.
  • 3. Apply product on the mid-lengths and ends, combing through for even distribution.
  • 4. With a medium size round brush, start blow drying the sides in horizontal sections.
  • 5. Work the brush through the ends and roll the ends on the brush towards the roots.
  • 6. Then secure each section with a pin.
  • 7. Repeat with similar sections on the sides and back.
  • 8. Release top section, apply a quarter size amount of NECTAR THERMIQUE and repeat the round brush and pinning technique.
  • 9. Let the rolls cool for 3 to 5 minutes, then release from pins and rake through with fingers.
  • 10. The THERMIQUE collection is the perfect solution for ultimate protection from heat-styling routines that enhance your styles with a radiantly smooth finish.
Nectar Thermique
Nourishing leave-in treatment for very dry hair adds smoothness & shine while protecting from heat styling.
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