Smooth Finish

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  • 1. After rough drying your hair 70%, part your hair into three sections: top, sides and back.
  • 2. Because it's a dual chamber pump, be sure to always use two fingers to allow equal amounts of product to be dispensed.
  • 3. Use 2 pumps of FIBRE ARCHITECTE and emulsify in your hands.
  • 4. Starting on the back section of your hair, apply product to mid-lengths and ends.
  • 5. Complete blow drying the back section using a round brush.
  • 6. For a smooth look be sure to use tension with your brush when drying each section.
  • 7. Next, apply 2 pumps of FIBRE ARCHITECTE to the sides and top sections of your hair, and blow dry each separately.
  • 8. For a smoothing effect, direct the nozzle dryer down and away from your head when blow drying.
  • 9. Once your hair is fully dry, apply 1-2 pumps of FIBRE ARCHITECTE to heal and seal any split ends and lock in smoothness.
  • 10. Brush through to smooth and set hair in place.
Fibre Architecte
Reconstructive serum that repairs and delivers long-lasting style memory for damaged, split ends