Instant lightweight nourishment and protection for dry hair

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  • Benefits
    • Provides Instant light-weight nourishment
    • Delivers softness, shine and suppleness to the hair
    • Fiber is protected against frizz and dryness
    • Styling ease with no residue
  • How to use
    • Apply 2-3 hazelnut-sized amounts of cream through lenghts and ends of dry or towel-dried hair
    • Comb through for even distribution
    • Do not rinse
    • Use to touch-up dry ends throughout the day
  • Key Technology
    • Glucose: Provides an energetic boost for the nutrition of the hair fiber
    • Proteins: Restore nutrition on the lengths, leaving the hair nourished and steeped in softness
    • Lipids: Create a shield on the fiber's surface to protect it from the drying out process
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