Blunt Modern Bangs with a Messy-But-Chic Chignon

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  • 1. On damp hair prep with SPRAY VOLUMACTIVE and MOUSSE SUBSTANTIVE all over from root to ends to create texture.
  • 2. Blow dry hair using a diffuser, scrunching the lengths as you go.
  • 3. Smooth hair down and back with a brush and DOUBLE FORCE Hairspray.
  • 4. Gather hair into a ponytail at the back of the head and secure with an elastic, weaving the lengths through the elastic to create a slightly undone chignon.
  • 5. Tuck any remaining ends into the elastic, pin and spray with DOUBLE FORCE CONTROLE ULTIME Hairspray to keep the chignon in place.
  • 6. For a modern and sharp effect, take a bang extension, cutting in a short, unique style that best suits your face shape.
  • 7. Secure the extension close to the hair line to create a blunt bang and spray with more DOUBLE FORCE CONTROLE ULTIME Hairspray.