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  • 1. On damp hair, create a middle part and prep with NECTAR THERMIQUE for hair nourishment and heat protection.
  • 2. Blow dry hair with a paddle brush.
  • 3. Spray sections with DOUBLE FORCE Hairspray and loosely curl sections of hair with a large barrel curling iron, curling in a downward vertical direction, and leaving the ends free.
  • 4. Finger through the waves in the back and brush the front sections so the hair has a slight wave.
  • 5. Add a pea-sized amount of FIBRE ARCHITECTE to the ends to keep them smooth and slightly piecey.
Nectar Thermique
Nourishing leave-in treatment for very dry hair adds smoothness & shine while protecting from heat styling.
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Fibre Architecte
Reconstructive serum that repairs and delivers long-lasting style memory for damaged, split ends