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Style goes beyond how a woman dresses and the way she looks, it is intristic to who she is. Style trascends trends and fashion - it is eternal.

Styling the most coveted styles and infusing them with a fashionable luxurious edge, Kérastase proposes Visions of Style, the new icons of styling that will define the women of today, and tomorrow.

Luigi MurenuHis Artistic Vision

Luigi Murenu Luigi Murenu

An inspirational hair expert

Master hairdresser Luigi Murenu was born in Sardinia in 1964, the same year Kérastase was born.

An auspicious omen for a man who has been constantly moving forward for the past 18 years. Fueled by his passions, one of which is dance, his styles evoke movement – curves, spirals, shapes – and they're never stiff. His vibrant looks are full of life and motion, infused with creative energy. Luigi sees styling as an extension of the woman herself rather than just an accessory.

Kérastase chose Luigi Murenu because he is the uncontested master of customized hairstyles that display sophisticated dynamism and a unique look executed with precision.

Luigi Murenu Q&AIn His Words

Luigi Murenu Luigi Murenu

Hairdresser and session stylist maestro Luigi Murenu discusses his source of inspiration and interpretation of the modern day woman, envisioned through Kérastase’s Visions of Style featuring Couture Styling.

Q: What’s your philosophy for defining a style?
A: As an artist, my work is about pushing boundaries, trying or testing everything. But even when it’s very elaborately styled, structured and sprayed, like it is on the runway, hair has to express movement. No matter how eccentric it might be, a hairstyle should never look like a wig! A woman’s hairstyle expresses her personality and that’s wha I like to highlight. It’s a living, breathing extension of who she is, just like her skin! I always keep that idea in mind while I work.

Q: What is your vision of the modern woman?
A: In one word, the modern woman is empowered. She takes charge and is not afraid to hold power. A strong source of her power is her femininity. Not always channeled through the traditional means, but at the core of her is a feminine elegance that gives her that modern edge and propels her forward. Today’s woman is going places, she’s everything but complacent.

Q: How does her hairstyle play into the expression of her persona?
A: The hairstyle is an essential part of her identity. Some women opt for a signature style that forms an integral part of their persona, as much as a signature fragrance does. For others, they opt to have a changeable approach that fluctuates depending on the occasion and audience they are with.

Q: How are Kérastase products different from other products? What are your three favorite products?
A: I always work with the very best products. I used Kérastase products for years to obtain perfect hair before I discovered Kérastase styling products. This is a really exciting range. It’s so easy to apply and the textures are so incredibly light that it’s downright difficult to not get the style you want. What’s crazy is that you can use all of them together and play around with them without ever going wrong. My favorites? The Mousse Bouffante because it’s so absolutely glam; Lift Vertige which every woman should have because it gives the roots a subtle lift; and V.I.P, which allows the creation of incredible texture while still preserving incredible hair quality – a real game changer.


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