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ABOUT THIS BOOKFor the Perfect Blowdry

For those who have felt uninspired and stuck in a style rut.
For those who saw a blowdryer and cringed.
For those who dreamed of curls, twists and waves and thought it was all impossible.
For the rebels, bohemians and seductresses in all of us.
Dare to shape, restyle and style again.
Be incroyable.

FEATURED LOOKSClick to Discover Each Look

  • Anatomie - Anatomy
    Anatomie - Anatomy
  • Classification - Classification
    Anatomie - Anatomy
  • Nuit - Night
    Anatomie - Anatomy
  • Secher - Drey
    Anatomie - Anatomy
  • Zero Ennemis - Zero Enemies
    Anatomie - Anatomy


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