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How to Care For Your Hair at Home

Hair Self-Care, Self-Styling, Color-Management, and Treatment Tips

Two Hair Masks are Better than One

You may be familiar with the multi-masking concept for your skincare routine – using different masks
to target specific areas of skin has been a huge trend in the past years. But what about your hair?
Multi-masking your hair is like giving your hair a highly tailored treatment. Just like for your skin,
you can have mixed hairtypes: your ends may have different needs than your scalp.
Let’s find out about your perfect mix!

Our Hairdressers At Home Favorite Products

How to keep your hair healthy and thriving until
you can see your hairdresser again.

There is no relationship like the one a woman has with her
hairdresser. Trust and warmth, personal pampering, a
confidant. These are the things we’ve come to expect from
a visit to the salon. And healthy, gorgeous, well-groomed
hair of course.

At-Home Blonde Hair Care

Going blonde is a daring move. It can be a bold look, for sure, but that’s not the half of it.
It’s the upkeep that makes you think twice about hitting the bleach.
Whether you’re a seasoned blonde or a newbie, the thought of being estranged
from your colorist can be harrowing for you and your hair.

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