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Soleil Sun Protection Hair Care

Soleil Sun Protection Summer Hair Care

Our iconic sun care collection for summer hair that protects, nourishes & beautifies with a high-gloss finish. Hot weather and the sun’s rays can wreak havoc on your hair color and texture, which is why using products designed to protect, nourish and illuminate your hair during the summer months is a good idea. Soleil is all your summer hair needs to withstand the summer.
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Meet The Sun Care Products

Kerastase Soleil Bain Après Soleil Shampoo

Bain Après Soleil

Post-sun cleanse, the cooling gel effectively removes sea salt, chlorine and even sand, whilst leaving your strands hydrated and frizz-free. With sunny tuberose and jasmine, the whole range leaves your hair beautifully fragranced.

Tip: Deeply hydrates fiber. Removes chlorine, salt and sand. Restores smoothness and shine.

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Kerastase Soleil Créme UV Sublime Hair Cream

Créme UV Sublime
Hair Cream

A summer staple that provides all-day anti-frizz & anti-humidity protection and intense hydration in a pearlescent hair cream. This multi-benefit hair cream prevents dryness and hair breakage, while locking in vital moisture and instantly boosting radiance.
Tip: Re-balances with vital nutrients. Reconstructs and smooths fiber. Improves shine and illuminates hair.

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Kerastase Soleil Masque Après Soleil Hair Mask

Masque Après Soleil
Hair Mask

Light multi-protection beautifying gel-cream mask that seals in hydration and contains antioxidant Vitamin E and UV hair protection to shield the hair from both the sun and environmental aggressors.

Tip: It works best with Bain Après Soleil shampoo + Masque Après Soleil hair mask for after sun-exposure.

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Huile Sirène Hair Oil Mist

Want mermaid waves but don't like the crunch of salt sprays? Meet Huile Sirène.

Translating to ‘mermaid oil’, this bi-phase formula is a unique texturizing spray and hair oil hybrid. It helps give your hair a beautiful texture without the crunch of traditional salt sprays, while nourishing and protecting the hair from humidity. Most importantly, it provides instant beachy texture with zero crunch.
Tip: Apply to dry or damp hair before or after sun exposure for all-day protection.

Kerastase Soleil Huile Sirène Hair Oil Mist


Summer Travel

Diagnosis and products tailored to your hair is in our DNA which is why Soleil also comes in travel size, so you don’t have to be away from your beloved collection.

Bain après soleil shampoo
crème uv sublime hair cream
Kerastase Soleil Sun Protection for Hair

Kerastase Soleil Sun Protection for Hair

Summer Defender

A 3 step routine, that prevents summer dryness, and tames frizz for ultimate soft touch finish.

Bain après soleil shampoo
masque après soleil hair mask
crème uv sublime hair cream

Mermaid Hair

A 3 steps routine, that defines and enhances natural beach waves with “no-crunch” texture.

Bain après soleil shampoo
masque après soleil hair mask
crème uv sublime hair cream
Kerastase Soleil Sun Protection for Hair

Why Soleil?


Summer is fun, but it comes with challenges for hair. First, it is hot and sunny. Lovely for endless beach parties, not so great for the hair. Then, there are the things we love to do in summer. Swimming is high on the list, and salt, sand and chlorine all stand to make hair dry and dull. Add to this mix the onslaught of tropical style humidity, and already dull, dry hair becomes unruly and just not its best self.

Kerastase Soleil Bain Après Soleil Shampoo


The chlorine in pool water causes dryness, color fading and a distinctly unpleasant chemical smell.

Kerastase Soleil Créme UV Sublime Hair Cream


Almost everything at the beach is something that makes the hair rough and tangled.

Kerastase Soleil Masque Après Soleil Hair Mask


The sun’s harmful rays degrade the integrity of the hair fiber, causing dryness and dullness.

Ultimate Nourishing & Protecting Technology


Kerastase Soleil Hair Care Ingredients

Your Soleil Summer Hair Care Routine

Summer is hot, sexy, a little bit wild. And you want hair to match that mood while
avoiding the down sides: sun damage, color fading, dryness, dullness. The Soleil range,
a Kérastase classic updated for modern hair, lets you have all the fun of summer,
while protecting your hair from its perils.

Fusio Dose For Your Summer Hair


We all know that the sun’s rays, chlorine, sea salt and more can stress out our strands. Bookend the summer months with our innovative in-salon Fusio Dose treatment. Personalized to your hair, after a diagnosis with your hairdresser they will fuse two “shots” together - one based on what they know your hair needs and another based on what you desire for your strands, whether its less frizz, enhanced radiance or something else.

Kerastase Fusio Dose for Summer Hair

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