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Specifique Thinning Hair Set

Scalp and hair treatment set for thinning hair.

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We regret to inform you that this product has been discontinued

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Product Benefits

Hair set that aims to soothe the scalp, give hair volume and provide energy in order to stimulate fiber production and regenerate hair metabolism. The set includes a shampoo, hair mask and an advanced scalp treatment

Your routine includes:

Key Ingredients


Regulates sebum production and cleanses the scalp and hair of oil, dead skin, dirt, dandruff, product residue, and a build-up of environmental pollutants.


Helps stimulate healthy hair growth by supporting strong blood flow to the roots of hair cells.

Kerastase Ingredients Glycerin For Hair


A great humectant, helping your hair to attract and retain moisture.

Citric Acid

Improves the scalp condition by increasing the flow of blood, enhancing and mending the hair follicles necessary for healthy hair growth.

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Complete your hair care routine with cleanse, treat, prime & night essentials.
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