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Wedding Hair FAQ

Wedding Hair FAQ

Frequently asked questions from Brides-to-Be
expertly answered by Kérastase stylist Jessa Justice.

Kérastase stylist Jessa Justice

1. What hairstyle and hair care questions should a bride have for her hair stylist?
Great questions for a bride to have for her stylist are: What can I do to make my hair look as healthy as possible for this style? Is this style best suited for my face shape? Should I have any products in my hair on the big day? Is this hairstyle best for my hair type? In addition, does this hairstyle go with my wedding dress or wedding style?

2. Is there a certain hair care range that would be best for me?
Talk to your stylist and they can do a simple diagnosis and design a customized system of hair care just for you!

3. How long does a hair diagnosis from a stylist take?
A diagnosis should only take 5 minutes.

4. How do I determine what length is the best length for my wedding hair?
It is always a great idea to get an inspirational photo and then schedule a consultation with your stylist. Then you can determine the length your hair should be for your wedding.

5. How fast can I expect my hair to grow?
If you are using Extentioniste ritual regularly, you can expect up to 2 inches in 3 months!

6. Will the Extentioniste In-Salon Treatment effect my hair color?
The Extentioniste in-salon treatment is color safe.

7. What are the best ways to ensure the Extentioniste ritual is the most efficient?
Like a fitness or a nutrition program, the Extentioniste ritual is most effective when done consistently.

8. What are the best hairstyles for long-haired brides?
The best hairstyle for a long-haired bride could almost be could be almost anything! It also depends on other factors as well. For instance, the density of the hair, the hair texture, and the health of the hair are all key components also. It is always beneficial to discuss all your option with your stylist prior to your big day!

9. When should I begin my Extentioniste ritual to ensure long hair for my wedding?
As soon as possible would be most beneficial!

10. Are there any questions that my stylists should be asking me?
Your stylist should be asking you about what you do to your hair on a daily basis and what product regime you are currently using. Other questions could be about whether you like your hair around your face or how you envision yourself on your wedding day. They may ask to see a photo of your dress as well and whether you will be wearing a veil or a headpiece. They should be asking as many questions as possible to figure out the perfect bridal hair style for your big day!

11. Are there any products for men’s hair that you can recommend for my fiancé?
Yes, we offer a line for men! There are so many great products that that he could benefit from! I would schedule a diagnosis for him as well to ensure you are using the right product.

here comes the long haired bride

Here Comes The Long Haired Bride Did you know?

Most brides like to grow their hair out for the wedding. When long flowing hair is a must-have, exceptional care is absolutely essential. Growing hair
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