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Braided Buns

This catwalk combines spotlight-level shine and festival – grade braids. In nine simple steps you’ll be ready to strike a pose for a big night out or a yoga session.


2 - Step 2

Blow dry with a paddle brush and straighten hair.


3 - Step 3

Part hair in an L, from the left eyebrow to the top of the right ear.


4 - Step 4

In the back, part hair in the middle and spray Laque Couture Hair Spray close to the roots.


5 - Step 5

Using elastic hooks, make 2 ponytails in the back of the neck.


6 - Step 6

Bring the top right part of hair onto the right ponytail.


7 - Step 7

Make a tight 3 strand braid on each side and roll them into tight buns.


8 - Step 8

Secure with bobby pins and hit each bun with V.I.P Texturizing Spray spray.


9 - Step 9

Gently pull apart braided buns with fingertips.