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The Curl-Enhancing Ingredients For Curly Hair

The Curl-Enhancing Ingredients
For Curly Hair

Kérastase's new Curl Manifesto range boasts curl-enhancing
ingredients, discover how your hair will benefit.

The Curl-Loving Ingredient Worth Having On Your Radar

Curl Manifesto is Kérastase’s latest line formulated for wavy hair, curly hair and coily strands. The collection of 7 at-home products are designed to offer curly strands the perfect combination of hydration, definition and strength. Being the professional brand Kérastase is, the scientific team researched the best curl-loving ingredients. For optimal results, they have harnessed two potent, active, ingredients - precious Manuka  Honey and Cementing Ceramide for this professional quality collection with advanced formulation. Want to treat your curls? Discover how and why these ingredients are nourishing superstars.

Manuka Honey: The benefits

Kérastase’s Manuka Honey, sourced from New Zealand, is ultra rich in micronutrients that provide a moisture boost and restore shine. A powerful and rare honey, it is known for its restorative properties and has proven its worth in the field of medicine.

The Curl-Loving Ingredient Worth Having On Your Radar

Rich in minerals, nutrients and natural sugars, this incredible ingredient has been funneled into the Curl Manifesto range to boost the supply of nourishing agents to your curly hair. The Manuka Honey also helps restore vitality and shine to dry curls.

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The Curl-Loving Ingredient Worth Having On Your Radar

Cementing Ceramide: The benefits

It took 4 years of research to create this biomimetic ceramide. The scientists were able to observe that ceramide fits perfectly between the scales of fragile hair. It reinforces the cohesion of the scales to restore softness, smoothness and strength. Not one to rest on their laurels, the researchers have continued their investigations and numerous studies have proven that this extraordinary molecule protects against environmental aggressors including UV light, dehydrating tap water and mechanical damage from heat styling.

Cementing Ceramide is used throughout the complete Curl Manifesto line. With its incredible affinity with the hair fiber, its deposit increases with each application and it works brilliantly on even the most fragile of hair.

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Manuka Honey and Cementing Ceramide: How they work together?

The complete collection includes a shampoo - Bain Hydration Douceur, conditioner - Fondant Hydration Essentielle, masque - Masque Beurre Haute Nutrition, creme - Creme de Jour Fondamentale, oil - Huile Sublime Repair, defining gel - Gelee and refresher - Refresh Absolu, as well as an in-salon Fusio Dose Concentrate - Concentre De Force.

The Curl-Loving Ingredient Worth Having On Your Radar

So, what can you expect from these ingredients in the new Curl Manifesto line? As a result, you get beautiful, healthy and bouncing curls: 87 %* stronger, 83 %* more hydrated and 81 %* more defined with perfect shape and movement. It’s a game-changing collection for curly hair.
*Instrumental tests after application of Bain Hydratation Douceur, Masque Beurre and Refresh Absolu

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