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Double Top Knot

In six steps, you can have a chic, avant-garde look that is suitable for everything. This vertical assembly of twisted buns offers a playfully beautiful take on a classic.


1 - Step 1

On dry hair, spray V.I.P. Texturizing Spray onto the roots and slightly tease the roots at the crown.


2 - Step 2

Make two vertical ponytails using an elastic hook, starting with the bottom part.


3 - Step 3

Starting with the top part, twist the hair and roll it around the elastic hook.


4 - Step 4

Secure the buns with long bobby pins and repeat with bottom ponytail.


5 - Step 5

Gently pull the 2 buns with fingertips and secure with bobby pins if needed.


6 - Step 6

Spray Laque Noire Hair Spray for hold. Pro-tip: This look works wonders on Day 2 or 3 hair.