Easy Hairstyles for the Holidays

While you are preparing for this year's intimate family gatherings and delicious meals, we wanted to share with you some "hair stylist recipes" for the perfect looks for your upcoming holiday occasions. Draw inspiration from our pro stylists or create your own looks featuring our top styling products.

Hostess Twist
Hostess Twist

"Before You begin this updo spray V.I.P. Into the roots of your dry hair to create some texture and volume.

Gather the hair in the back of the head leaving about 2- 3 inches of hair out at the nape.

With the hair that is left in your hands separate into three equal sections (like you are going to braid it) you are going to drop the middle section so it lays on top of the hair underneath.

Using a hair elastic create a ponytail with the two side sections in your hands.

Next flip the ponytail towards the head and pull it down through the middle to create a twist (tighten the twist).

Now gather the twisted ponytail with the hair that was left down and make one ponytail at the nape of the hair. (If you want to hide the hair elastic you can wrap a small piece of hair around the elastic from the ponytail and secure with a bobby pin.)

With a light hand loosen the twist by pulling small pieces to create texture. Do the same at the crown of the head to create volume and texture. Finish the look with Laque Couture Hair Spray to secure your new Holiday style."

All Tressed Up
Ashley Sandgren / PR@Partners, Virginia
All Tressed Up
Ashley Sandgren / PR@Partners, Virginia

“First prep the hair with Cicaplasme Hair Primer (heat protectant with Hyaluronic Acid) and Mousse Bouffante (to hold the curls). Blow-dry the hair.

Use a 1 1/4” curling iron to curl the hair and leave the ends a bit straight (but smooth). Brush them out with a flat boar bristle brush (creates shine and smoothness to the curls).

Take the sections from in front of the ears and create 2 separate“3-strand” braids. Leave a few pieces out around the face to add softness to the look. To loosen the braids gently pull on the edges and spray V.I.P. (Volume in Powder) on them for added texture.

Gather all 4 braids together in the back and pin together with a super cute clip/pin. Finish the style with Laque Extreme hair spray for hold and shine."

Wrapped With Love
Carly Quist / Z(ed) Salon NYC

"Once cleansed and towel-dried, prep the hair by applying 2-3 pumps of L’incroyable Blow-dry Hair Lotion and an orange size amount of Mousse Bouffante Hair Mousse. (Tip: Before you blow-dry, brush through your hair to make sure the product gets evenly distributed.)

Blow-dry you hair until is it 100% dry. For maximum volume, try flipping your head upside down drying your roots through ends towards the ground.

To create the curl, start by splitting your hair in half down the middle in the back and bring both sides forward. You’re going to start by curling the bottom section of hair at the nape first, working your way up the head as you go (sub sectioning horizontally, clipping away the top sections is key!) Take 1"-2" sections and start by spraying both sides of the hair with Laque Couture Hair Spray (The key is to use the hairspray before your curl to keep the shape lasting all day long!) Then curl each section going away from the face on both sides of the head.

Once all of the hair is curled, let cool for 5 minutes to set and then brush out the curls with a paddle brush or wide tooth comb.

Flip your head upside down one more time and spray Volume In Powder Texturizing Spray from roots to ends all over to give you maximize volume. V.I.P is very build-able, the more you use, the more volume and texture you will get! Pull out a couple of face framing pieces in the front and add a cute head band to finish off your Holiday look.

To change this style from day to night, pull your hair into a low ponytail. Polish off the look by taking a 1/2” section of hair from the tail, wrap around the elastic and secure with a bobby pin underneath. Spray Volume In Powder Texturizing Spray onto the ponytail to create volume and then finish off with Laque Extreme Hair Spray to lock it all in!"