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Hair Products For Healthy Hair And Healthy Hair Tips

Kérastase hair tips stem from a professional in-salon consultation, or start with a comprehensive hair quiz to address your particular hair care concerns, your unique hair type and your needs. This is followed by professional recommendations on the perfect healthy hair products for you to add to your hair care routine.

It has always been a matter of common sense that you cannot solve a problem if you don’t understand what’s gone wrong. In any dilemma, the first step is to evaluate, to examine the issue closely, find out what is lacking and where you might be overloaded. This way, you can make adjustments and move forward with strength and confidence. Concern becomes clarity.

Hair Products For Healthy Hair And Healthy Hair Tips

This is why we created a sophisticated new online diagnostic tool for the hair. It’s a fun, easy way to log your hair concerns and receive a comprehensive hair routine in about 2 minutes. In a quick-yet thorough-process, we’ll gather everything we need to know about your texture, condition, concerns and lifestyle to get you on your way to beautiful, healthy hair. You can even shop our recommendations instantly. The results can be completely hair-changing!

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We all know that healthy hair starts with scalp care. With our best-selling Initialiste Hair & Scalp Serum, you can have transform your hair at the root. With our energizing and soothing Fusio Hair Scrubs, you can deeply cleanse the scalp and hair. Lastly, our scalp concern hair care collection, Specifique, takes care of tchy scalp, oily hair, dandruff, thinning hair and other hair loss concerns. By targeting scalp concerns first, you set yourself up with the tools to achieving healthy hair.

Hair Products For Healthy Hair And Healthy Hair Tips

Hair Products For Healthy Hair And Healthy Hair Tips

Our global ambassador, Hovig Etoyan can tell you about the importance of the right products to achieve healthy hair goals. "The smell of Kérastase is embedded in my memory of childhood. Bain Satin Shampoo Masquintense Fine take me back there. Kérastase opens the senses: the smell, the touch, the beauty. When I became a professional stylist, I immediately understood the beautiful results you get with this brand, how it answers to the needs of all different hair types. I knew I could address all of my clients’ concerns and desires with one brand. The rituals we do in the salons truly care for the clients’ hair. I can see that it really works over time." - Hovig.

Part of the reason your stylist gets such great results is that they take the time to evaluate your hair before beginning treatment. They combine that information with their expertise to determine exactly what the hair needs at that moment and in the coming weeks. That’s why you feel so great walking out of the salon. You not only look beautiful instantly, you’ve now got a game plan for how you’re going to achieve your hair goals.

At Home Healthy Hair Tips & Healthy Hair Products

The most essential part of your self-care at home is to use a professional hair care routine that is right for your hair type and targets your primary and even secondary hair care concern. This is why our care-first philosophy incorporates a multi-step care routine. Starting with a cleansing shampoo and detangling conditioner, followed by a deep treatment hair mask and a leave-in treatment for post-wash care.

Hair Products For Healthy Hair And Healthy Hair Tips

Hair Products For Healthy Hair And Healthy Hair Tips

The ultimate healthy hair goal is that you have a tailor-made routine that you can follow at home, along with recommended products you can use until you start seeing results. Once you’re on your way to hair bliss, your hair concerns may change over time, at which point you can retake our online hair quiz or visit your stylist in salon for a new consultation to determine if the tailor-made routine is still right for you or if you've perhaps graduated to a different regimen and a different routine.

Find the perfect routine with the the Kératase online hair quiz. Answer a few simple questions about your hair, your lifestyle and what you’re looking for. Get product recommendations and expert tips immediately and shop products straight away.

Hair Products For Healthy Hair And Healthy Hair Tips

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