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Strengthen Your Hair With Genesis

Strengthen Your Hair With Genesis

The Genesis hair products keeps your hair strong,
even during stressful times.
Strengthen Your Hair With Genesis

Cross hair fall due to breakage from brushing off your list of things to worry about

Nearly 88% of women experience hair fall due to breakage from brushing, heat treatments, styling and stress. But even in difficult times, Kérastase is here with solutions to keep your hair healthy and beautiful. If you can’t make it to the salon, and you’re only running out for essentials and jumping on Zoom calls, we know how to give your hair the strength it needs to get through this trying period.

Strengthen Your Hair With Genesis

Genesis to the rescue.

Under normal circumstances, you would visit your salon and consult your hairdresser
about concerns such as hair fall due to breakage from brushing. Right now, that may not
be possible, depending on where you live, so you need to take matters into your own
hands. But don’t despair! Your Kérastase at-home routine gives you the daily pampering
you crave and lets your hair build strength until you can see your hairdresser again.

Strengthen Your Hair With Genesis

Prescription for Strong Hair

When hair is weakened by stress, it breaks off more than normal. A solid Genesis hair care routine will strengthen your hair. A simple bain-and-treat routine gives hair a foundation of daily support. Choose Bain Hydra-Fortifiant Shampoo, followed by Fondant Renforçateur Conditioner (or Masque Reconstituant for a deep treatment) for best results.

Genesis Serum Fortifiant is the perfect product
to use every day to prevent hair fall due to breakage from brushing. You should apply it directly
to your scalp with a gentle massage to get the best results.

For added support, Kérastase stylist Hovig Etoyan, recommends an extra shot of strength during trying times. The silicone-free formula of Genesis Serum Fortifiant strengthens hair day after day, leading to 97% less hair fall due to breakage from brushing.

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Strengthen Your Hair With Genesis

Discover the Genesis Range

Genesis combines the efficacious solution to hair fall due to breakage from brushing
with the indulgence of a hair ritual. With Genesis, Never Be Afraid of Falling.

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