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Summer Bohemian Rolls

The top bobo (bohemian bourgeoisie) look this year. It was seen at festivals & fashion weeks. It’s a perfect fusion of control & freedom. For an independent and free spirit!


2 - Step 2

Comb back and spray V.I.P over head.


3 - Step 3

Using a mid-sized curling iron, curl each strand without curling the tips. Switch the direction of each curl for a more natural look. Pro-tip: Curl the front strands away from the face.


4 - Step 4

Take a strand on each side of the face and twist them towards the back, by picking up hair along,and secure with a bobby pin.


5 - Step 5

Tie both strands together with a small clear elastic.


6 - Step 6

Spray V.I.P Texturizing Spray onto hair and deconstruct the twisted strands with fingertips.


7 - Step 7

Use back hair strands and pins to cover up the elastic.


8 - Step 8

Pull up the hair at the crown to create volume.