Customer Service

Payment Options

Kérastase accepts American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Paypal. Credit card information entered in the site is secure and safe. All orders placed on this website are encrypted, thereby protecting any credit card information that is submitted at the time of the order. If you are uncomfortable entering your credit card information online, we will be pleased to accept your order by phone. Please call 1-877-254-9949.

In the event your credit card is declined, Kérastase will inform you of this event and request a new credit card number. Please provide Kérastase with your new credit card number within 5 days so we can fulfill your order without you having to resubmit your order.

As email is not a secure method of transmitting credit card information, we advise that for your protection you do NOT send credit card information via an e-mail message to Customer Service. Instead, we suggest that you call us directly at 1-877-254-9949 with your credit card information.