Kérastase celebrates Hairstylist Appreciation Day

Join us in celebrating our professional stylists who always provide personal care, giving us exceptional hair!

Hairstylist Appreciation Day

Join us in celebrating our professional stylists who always provide personal care, giving us exceptional hair! These talented stylists touch our lives with the magic of their craft every time we’re in their chair. This week, tell your Kerastase Stylist how much they mean to you! To our incredible Kerastase TECH Team, we thank you for your passion, dedication and making the world a more beautiful place – one style at time.

Hairstylist Erik Alan Davis
Erik Alan Davis
Erik Alan Davis Salon
Hairstylist Jackie Wilt
Jackie Wilt
Studio Stylist
Hairstylist Gina Feliciani
Gina Feliciani
David J Witchell Salon
Hairstylist Erin Mills
Erin Mills
Educe Salon
Hairstylist Kristen Coatney
Kristen Coatney
K Co Hairstyling
Hairstylist Janine Whitman
Janine Whitman
Alex Emilio Salon
Hairstylist Kelly Wood
Kelly Wood
Root Salon
Hairstylist Ashley L Franke
Ashley L Franke
Michael Brothers Salon
Hairstylist Summer Verrett
Summer Verrett
Envy Salon/SumHair
Hairstylist Craig Wcislo
Craig Wcislo
Luxelab Salon
Hairstylist Mattison Perron
Mattison Perron
Hush Hush Hair
Hairstylist Katy P Kavrazonis
Katy P Kavrazonis
Bloom Studio
Hairstylist Mucio Vidales
Mucio Vidales
Brush Salon
Hairstylist Yesenia Guinea
Yesenia Guinea
Smoke & Mirrors Salon
Hairstylist Diana Macaluso
Diana Macaluso
Red Door Union Square
Hairstylist Christina Merry
Christina Merry
Lords and Ladies Salon
Hairstylist Cara Keeler
Cara Keeler
PR @ Partners
Hairstylist Ericka Smart
Ericka Smart
Lure Salon
Hairstylist Sherri Long
Sherri Long
Mouton's Salon
Hairstylist Donna Wagner
Donna Wagner
Warren Tricomi Salon
Hairstylist Kirsten Snively
Kirsten Snively
Grand Beauty Spa
Hairstylist Ashley Smith
Ashley Smith
Bella Lago Salon
Hairstylist Chelsey Drapeau
Chelsey Drapeau
Jessica Todd Salon
Hairstylist Julia Ivnik
Julia Ivnik
Zano Salon
Hairstylist David Armendariz
David Armendariz
Studio A Salon
Hairstylist Matthew Morris
Matthew Morris
Matthew Morris Salon
Hairstylist Meredith Boles
Meredith Boles
Matthew Morris Salon
Hairstylist Carly Quist
Carly Quist
z(ed) Salon
Hairstylist Nikki Frearson
Nikki Frearson
Juan Juan Salon
Hairstylist Coleen Driscoll
Coleen Driscoll
Fringe Salon Studio
Hairstylist Jordan Najera
Jordan Najera
The Parlour
Hairstylist Jamie Champagne
Jamie Champagne
Salon Capri
Hairstylist Elisa Bunnell
Elisa Bunnell
W's Salon
Hairstylist Sarah Elizabeth Crews
Sarah Elizabeth Crews
Studio Gaven Haircolour
Hairstylist Jessica Keglovich
Jessica Keglovich
Studio Stylist
Hairstylist Emiley Nicole Golie
Emiley Nicole Golie
Lunatic Fringe
Hairstylist Thi Khoa Nguyen
Thi Khoa Nguyen
W Salon
Hairstylist Jenny Savage
Jenny Savage
Square Salon
Hairstylist Giancarlo Console
Giancarlo Console
Gadabout Salon Spas
Hairstylist Michelle Anderson
Michelle Anderson
Savvy Salon & Day Spa
Hairstylist Nathanael Torres
Nathanael Torres
Salon O
Hairstylist Jessa Justice
Jessa Justice
Salon Halo
Hairstylist Laura Dyer
Laura Dyer
Studio Stylist
Hairstylist Jared Reed
Jared Reed
Anderson Cox & Company
Hairstylist Shanni Lambson
Shanni Lambson
Carter Grae Salon
Hairstylist Kattia Solano
Kattia Solano
Butterfly Studio