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Thickness & Body

Lift fine, flat hair and add hair volume with hair thickening shampoo, volumizing shampoo and more.
Bain Densité
Bodifying shampoo to amp up hair density.
80 ml - 250 ml

$20.00 - $33.00

Fondant Densité
Lightweight conditioner to amp up hair density.
200 ml


Masque Densité
Replenishing gel masque to amp up hair density.
75 ml - 200 ml

$20.00 - $59.00

Mousse to amp up hair density.
150 ml


Baume Densité Homme
Hair texturizer paste for men.
75 ml


Bain Vital Dermo-Calm
Cleansing shampoo for dry or sensitive scalp.
250 ml


Bain Stimuliste
Energizing shampoo for normal to thinning hair.
250 ml


Masque Hydra-Apaisant
Renewing Gel Cream treatment for all types of hair, including oily hair.
200 ml


Traitement Intensif Anti-Affinement
Intensive scalp and hair treatment for thinning hair.
10 x 6 ml