Our Luxurious Regimen For Total Hair & Scalp Renewal

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Experience a masterpiece of formulation for total hair and scalp renewal with our most luxurious hair care collection, featuring the highest concentration of the unique and exceptionally rare abyssine for unrivaled scalp regeneration. This regimen is perfect for all hair types who want their hair feeling nourished, regenerated and light with a soft, velvety touch.


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The Gommage
Exfoliating and purifying scalp and fiber treatment for all hair types.
Bain Chronologiste
A purifying shampoo to revive lifeless hair. Hair is left moisturized while the scalp is strengthened. Hair feels lightweight and full of vitality.
Créme Chronologiste
An intensely nourishing balm for the scalp and hair. Sublimation, in-depth nutrition and shine. Scalp revitalization.
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