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Kérastase Dry Hair x Nutritive Professional Hair Care

Dry Hair x Nutritive

A nourishing ritual for dry hair. Our haircare range for dry hair is packed with skincare-inspired ingredients that restore dry, depleted hair, leaving hair hydrated, irresistibly soft and shinier.

20 products
20 products

Lait Vital Conditioner

Hydrating conditioner for dry hair.

Bain Satin Riche Shampoo

Hydrating shampoo for medium to thick dry hair.

Kerastase Nutritive Collection

Your Nourishing Ritual For Dry Hair


Bain Satin Shampoo

Hydrating shampoo for fine to medium dry hair.

One size only for Bain Satin Shampoo
250 ml
Kerastase Symbiose Collection

Find the professional heat-protecting treatment for your hair concern.


Nectar Thermique Heat Protecting Cream

Heat protecting cream for thick, dry hair. Leave-in treatment to nourish & deeply condition.

Masquintense Riche Hair Mask

Ultra- nourishing mask for very dry hair.

One size only for Masquintense Riche Hair Mask
200 ml

Masquintense Hair Mask

Ultra- nourishing mask for dry hair.

One size only for Masquintense Hair Mask
200 ml
Nutritive hair care collection is specially formulated to treat dry to severely dry hair. The complete collection of ultra moisturizing, hydrating and nourishing hair care products includes a shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, leave-in treatment and best-selling and award-winning 8 hour magic night hair serum. The result is hydrated hair, softer hair and healthier hair. Kerastase Nutritive aims to provide the best of professional luxury hair care for all dry to severely dry hair.

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