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Kérastase Heat Protectants – Thermiques

Heat Protectants – Thermiques

Protect your hair from heat damage and style without compromise. Shop the best heat-protecting styling hair products for every hair concern.

Heat Protectants
Heat Protectants
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kerastase genesis defense thermique blow dry primer
Award Winner

Defense Thermique Heat Protecting Spray

Heat protecting spray for weakened hair. Lightweight leave-in to strengthen & prevent breakage.

One size only for Defense Thermique Heat Protecting Spray
150 ml
kerastase resistance thermique blow dry primer
Best Seller

Ciment Thermique Heat Protecting Cream

Heat Protecting Cream for damaged hair. Leave-in treatment to repair & restore.

Lotion Thermique Heat Protecting Spray

Heat protecting spray for fine, dry hair. Lightweight leave-in to nourish and detangle.

One size only for Lotion Thermique Heat Protecting Spray
150 ml

Nectar Thermique Heat Protecting Cream

Heat protecting cream for thick, dry hair. Leave-in treatment to nourish & deeply condition.

Kerastase Symbiose Collection

Find the professional heat-protecting treatment for your hair concern.


Cicaplasme Thermique Heat Protecting Spray

Heat Protecting Cream for blonde hair. Leave-in treatment to hydrate & strengthen.

kerastase chroma absolu serum chroma thermique hair serum
Award Winner

Chroma Thermique Heat Protecting Serum

Heat protecting spray for color-treated hair. Lightweight leave-in to enhance shine & color vibrancy.

Heat protectants aim to reduce the amount of damage caused by heat styling, as well and prevent breakage from heat tools. Using a heat protectant such as one of the Kerastase best-selling heat protectants helps protect the hair. We have an assortment of thermique blowydry primers targeting all hair types and hair concerns from dry hair, damaged hair, aging hair, falling hair, curly hair and more. Kerastase heat protects are very effective when applied prior to heat styling and deliver an incredibly smooth finish for any hair style. This includes our iconic and best-selling Original hair oil which is a blend of luxurious hair oils with heat protecting properties. Shop the hair styling set for the full assortment of heat protecting products and save 10% or find the best heat protectant for your hair styling needs.

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