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Luigi MurenuHis Artistic Vision

An inspirational hair expert

Master hairdresser Luigi Murenu was born in Sardinia in 1964, the same year Kérastase was born.
An auspicious omen for a man who has been constantly moving forward for the past 18 years. Fueled by his passions, one of which is dance, his styles evoke movement – curves, spirals, shapes – and they're never stiff. His vibrant looks are full of life and motion, infused with creative energy. Luigi sees styling as an extension of the woman herself rather than just an accessory.
Kérastase chose Luigi Murenu because he is the uncontested master of customized hairstyles that display sophisticated dynamism and a unique look executed with precision.

Hairstyle tutorialsFeaturing Luigi Murenu

Virtuose rise

Hair perfection made simple: Virtuose Rise look inspired by chic, contemporary elegance. Discover how to recreate this style in 4 easy steps.

The Kérastase differenceAvant-garde Technology meets high sensoriality

The science of micronized polymers

A new generation of micronized fixative polymers that envelops the fiber like a second skin allows hair to fall back into place intuitively with a sensual touch, the epitome of perfect style. In perfect affinity with the hair, this micro-film offers long-lasting style memory with unprecedented movement and cosmetic feel without compromising hold. Each of these iconic stylers offer ultimate shape memory with velvety, luminous finishes.

Skincare inspired textures

Ensuring infallible hold and movement that is both sensual and lasting ?that's the Kérastase Styling Revolution. Breaking away from traditional styling formulations that create rigid effects, unflattering artificial finishes with a heavy, sometimes sticky product feel, this new technology is delivered in a variety of surprising skincare-inspired textures featuring elegant signature fine fragrances.
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