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Résistance Thérapiste

Hair Care For Very Damaged Hair

Résistance Thérapiste

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Restore years of damage from long-term hair coloring or other demanding chemical processes, featuring breakthrough technology that gives damaged hair a second life. This regimen is perfect for anyone with over-processed, brittle, and severely damaged hair who wants to regain strength, renew and reconstruct their hair.
Bain Thérapiste
1st Renewal Shampoo with Extra-Creamy Texture to repair very damaged, over-processed hair
Soin Premier Thérapiste
1ST Reverse Care Conditioner to repair very damaged, over-processed hair
Masque Thérapiste
1st Repairing 'Bandage' Masque with thick, creamy texture to repair very damaged, over-processed thick hair
Sérum Thérapiste
Repairing Dual-Serum Protects from Heat and Seals Split ends, for Very Damaged, Over-Processed Hair
Résistance Thérapiste Hair Care Collection
Hair Care for Very Damaged Hair
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