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Keep Your Blonde Hair Bright This Summer

Keep Your Blonde Hair Blonde And Healthy This Summer

Find out how to summer-proof your hair from dryness and recover it from winter havoc caused by the change in seasons.

With winter on its way, now is the time to treat your hair. This is the season when blondes, in particular, struggle. Summer and fall UV rays can cause brassiness morphing blonde highlights from creamy beige to yellow, while beach holidays can leave blonde hair that is already compromised from lightening treatments even drier and dehydrated. Want to know the secret to supporting your blonde hair through the winter months? It's an at-home hair care routine tailored to preserving and nourishing your blonde strands.

Keep Your Blonde Hair Bright This Winter With Kérastase

A Blonde Hair Hero: Sérum Cicanuit

An iconic product in the Blond Absolu hair care range. This beautiful hair serum bottle is a total blonde savior. Serum Cicanuit is formulated to heal all types of blonde hair. Its white cream-in-gel formula is a leave-in product to be applied before going to bed, with no need to rinse in the morning. It works overnight to deeply hydrate and restore bleached fiber, so you wake up to softer, healthier blonde. This amazing product erases 55% of damage from bleaching, for stronger more resistant strands. The highest concentration of Hyaluronic Acid in hair care, combined with powerful Edelweiss flower to instantly smooth stands, reduce hair breakage and seals split ends.

Need more convincing? “I can feel the difference on the first application,” notes Suellen DeFreitas, one of our Sérum Cicanuit fans. In fact, quite a few of our customers are not quiet when it comes to shouting about how much they love this product. “Perfect for any [blonde] who needs a little extra TLC. It repairs your hair while you sleep. Just like your nightly face cream, you apply before bed on your mid-length and ends, no need to wash in the morning,” says Carly Quist.

Keep Your Blonde Hair Bright This Summer With Kérastase

“You can also use this hair serum in the morning to plump your ends, add strength and with a lightweight feel throughout the day.” Bethany adds that the product “isn’t oily”. She ordered this product because she colors her hair blonde. “I just pump it on my dry hair and the serum coats my hair and actually dries. I often put it on in the morning and shower it out in 1-2 days. It definitely helps reduce the breakage from coloring fine thin hair. I highly recommend this product.”

Keep Your Blonde Hair Bright This Summer With Kérastase

Blond Absolu Hair Care For Blonde Hair

For best results for your blonde strands, it’s well worth using Sérum Cicanuit in conjunction with the rest of the Blond Absolu hair products. You may have other hair needs that you want to address, so you can switch up between Blond Absolu and another of our collections throughout the week or just lean on Blond Absolu during the summer months when blonde hair is at its most susceptible.

To keep your blonde hair in tip-top condition there is Bain Lumière shampoo, an everyday go-to shampoo for blondes. With Hyaluronic Acid (which is just as hydrating for hair as it is for skin) and Edelweiss flower to boost luminosity, it leaves strands beautifully soft and hydrated.


To boost the strengthening benefits, follow with Cicaflash conditioner. When paired with Bain Lumiere shampoo you can expect your hair to be 92% more hydrated and 8 times shinier. Simply apply to mid-lengths and ends for 2-3 minutes after shampooing, then rinse.

Want to freshen up your blonde hair? Then there is a powerful Bain Ultra-Violet purple shampoo that is rich in neutralizing agents to instantly remove brassiness and yellow undertones from blonde hair and also grey hair. You can follow your cleansing routine with the purple-hued Masque Ultra-Violet to ensure all brassiness is eliminated. For seriously blonde hair (think platinum all over) use Le Bain Cicaextreme Shampoo-in-Cream. The super rich and creamy formula was created to be used used after any bleaching procedure to really recover post-bleached hair.

Keep Your Blonde Hair Bright This Summer With Kérastase

The highly sensorial dense foam enables you to cleanse the hair without friction, leaving strands intensely nourished but not weighed down. Afterwards, apply Masque Cicaextreme for hair that is 94% stronger and more resistant, as well as being 85% more hydrated and plumped, with 24 hours of frizz-control. A hero duo after a serious bleaching session.

Keep Your Blonde Hair Bright This Summer With Kérastase

When it comes to protecting strands from heat - there are two options: Huile Cicaextreme and Cicaplasme hair primer. Huile Cicaextreme has heat protection up to 450°F and doubles as a treatment to instantly strengthen hair by up to 91%. It also leaves it 6x more shiny (and as blondes know, getting shine into those strands is a struggle). Cicaplasme is a leave-in heat-protecting cream (it also protects hair up to 450°F) but also has the added benefit of UV filters, so all hair types can benefit from this product when out enjoying the sunshine.

Both leave-in products boast the same hydrating and strengthening ingredients as the rest of the Blond Absolu hair products.

Blond Absolu Hair Care Routine

Use Bain Ultra-Violet once a week until desired tone is reached Bain Lumiére + Cicaflash + Cicaplasme daily for illuminating, hydrating and texturizing.

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