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Resistance Extentioniste Hair Care For Longer Hair

Resistance Extentioniste Hair Care

Exceptional hair knows no limits. Extend your hair limits with our first 90 day hair
program designed to optimize and reinforce the length of damaged hair.
Kerastase Resistance Extentioniste Hair Care Emily Ratajkowski

Want 99% less breakage & 78% less split ends*?

Tired of asking your stylist for a trim in order to keep your hair healthy? Extentioniste targets hair fiber from root to tip to keep it fortified while repairing split ends and breakage.

*After one application of the routine: Bain Extentioniste + Soin N°1 + Soin N°2 + Sérum Thérapiste vs. non-conditioning shampoo

With any training program, the goals are strength, stamina and speed. Hair goals aren’t much different. When you’re working on growing your hair long, you want to start off strong at the root and maintain peak form through the mid-lengths, all the way to the ends.

Kerastase Spring Training for Longer Hair

Hair gets longer, faster. It gets better and better every day. There may be times when you want to quit and cut it all off, but with patience and consistent effort, there is simply no limit to the lengths your hair can go.

Kerastase Spring Training for Longer Hair

There is something iconic about long hair. Mythical even.

Hair springs from the living scalp and hangs on until it’s cut, breaks off or sheds. It is dead, but its finest specimens appear very much alive, a feat achieved only with proper, consistent care over time.

But when you get right down to it, hair is organic matter. It has practical functions beyond just bewitching anyone who walks by, such as insulation and protection.

Necessary care for each stage as it grows to the desired length

How to Care For Longer Hair

01- Scalp: Serum Extentioniste

This is where it all begins. There is actually hair that you can’t see, still alive, already growing below the surface of the skin. As the hair’s foundation and vital source, the scalp must stay healthy to produce strong, long hair. Regular head massages featuring the Serum Extentioniste Scalp & Hair Serum will make sure the scalp is activated and producing healthy hair.

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How to Care For Longer Hair

02-Roots: Bain Extentioniste

Closest to the scalp, the roots are the “newest” portion of the hair. Usually quite healthy naturally, they can become oily or prematurely dry without the proper product mix. Focusing Bain Extentioniste Shampoo here and keeping Conditioners and Hair Masks about an inch away from the roots will help balance this area of the hair.

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How to Care For Longer Hair

03-Mid-Lengths: Fondant Extentioniste

By the time hair grows a few inches away from the roots, it is several months old. Exposure to the elements, environmental pollutants and styling can begin to take their toll. This is the point where proper daily care is crucial if the hair is to make it to a long length and remain healthy. Concentrate Fondant Extensioniste Conditioner or Masque Extentioniste Hair Mask here for extra strength.

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How to Care For Longer Hair

04-Ends: Masque Extentioniste

Often a problem area, the ends of your hair have been with you the longest. They are the most likely to break, split or become dry and sensitized. Proper care and conservative trimming will keep even the longest hair strong at the ends. On an impeccably healthy head of hair, the ends match the roots in thickness and radiance. The way to achieve this goal is to visit your hairdresser for regular trims and Protocole Extensioniste hair care to boost growth and maintain hair health from roots to ends.

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Have a minute?

Let James Galvin, a salon director from London, explain to you the perfect routine to get long, strong and healthy hair.

A Hair Stylist's Secrets For Longer Hair

We asked James your most pressing questions
about letting hair grow out. The right care, trimming frequency,
questions about texture and age, we’ve got you covered.

Q: Why is it difficult to keep my hair healthy the longer I grow it?

A: If you don’t give your hair the proper care when growing it out, the ends become weak, thin and split, and more prone to breakage. Unfortunately this means at some point, you will need a lot cut off to thicken them up. The key is to keep hair strong and moisturized via advance in-salon and at-home care to reduce the need for aggressive trimming. There is no point in having long hair unless it is healthy and the ends are strong. Healthy, thick ends create more natural movement in the hair, making it look thicker and often more shiny.

Q: Does long hair require special care?

A: Yes, absolutely. Long hair needs a lot of TLC to keep it looking healthy and strong. This includes being careful not to over process the hair with color and protecting the hair from heat tools. It’s important to do regularly treatments and always use the correct shampoo and conditioner for your long hair. I would also recommend using an oil to add moisture in the ends of the hair as these tend to be most dehydrated part.

Q: Is there a certain age when long hair isn’t appropriate?

A: No, absolutely not. I have spent so many hours over the years telling women not cut off their hair just because they have reached a certain age. As long as the hair is in good condition and the color looks vibrant, there is no reason why it should be cut off. There used to be this perception that everyone had to have the same short hairstyle once you hit a certain age, but that is not the case now. It is no longer one size fits all.

Q: Does my hair need to be a certain texture to wear it long?

A: Provided your hair is in good condition and you can manage your hair, anyone can wear it long. Some may need a smoothing treatment to calm the hair, so it’s manageable for them on a daily basis, whilst thick and unruly hair may need more maintenance and nourishment.

Q: How long is too long for me to grow my hair?

A: As soon as your hair starts to look thin or damaged on the ends, that is when you know your hair is too long. Hair naturally gets thinner as it grows. Mix that with the damage and stresses that hair faces and it can start to look really unflattering and unhealthy. As soon as the ends look thin or damaged make sure you have a little trim. This way, you won’t have to cut off too much later to keep your hair healthy as it grows.

Q: Exactly how fast can I expect my hair to grow?

A: For some people, hair grows quicker than others, this can be due to lifestyle, diet and genetics. It totally depends. However, we can expect on average hair to grow approximately one inch a month.

Q: How do I determine what length is best for me?

A: Anyone can wear their hair long (as long as it’s in good condition) but it’s important to make sure that the style is flattering around the face, and this will depend on face shape. For example, if you have an oval shaped face or long face, avoid long length around the front. Layers can be added around the face for a more flattering look.

Q: Are split ends more likely to occur on long hair? How do I prevent them?

Yes they are as the hair is naturally drier and more dehydrated on the ends and therefore more prone to splitting or breaking. The hair at the ends is of course the oldest, so is bound to be more dry and damaged. One way of helping the ends is to use an oil or split end treatment to add moisture and by regularly conditioning the hair to add nourishment. Also, always make sure you take care when blow drying or using heat tools.

Hairdressers Training Program Long Hair Goals


As with any hair goal, once you decide to grow your hair long, arrange a salon visit as soon as possible. It’s best to get your
hairdresser on board early, so they can guide you through the process and fast track your progress. Tell them your length goal
for the next three months. They’ll recommend the proper at-home Extentioniste hair care routine and set you up with the hair
products you need. Be sure to check in regularly as you move through your program.

In the meantime, request the Extentioniste Protocole to set you up for success. Start with a scalp activating massage using
Serum Extentioniste followed by the Extentioniste treatment. For a fresh start, your stylist can give you a clean, fabulous cut—
not too much!—and your hair is ready to go.


This part is on you. Follow your hairdresser’s recommended daily Extentioniste hair care routine to begin to strengthen and protect your hair as it takes its first steps toward serious length.

Hairdressers Training Program Long Hair Goals

Watch Diipa Büller-Khosla start her at-home hair care training with Extentioniste.

Checkpoint #1: RETURN TO THE SALON

You hairdresser will be able to tell you how often you need to come in for Extentioniste protocole during your program,
depending on your hair’s condition and how ambitious your growth goals are. If the prescription is once a month, this is also
a great time for an initial progress check. Your hairdresser can make any necessary adjustments to your at-home routine and
keep you moving through your program smoothly.


Stay consistent with your Extentioniste hair ritual. This is where it really counts!

Checkpoint #2: RETURN TO THE SALON

Head in for another huddle with your hairdresser. Your hard work is really starting to pay off. Consult with your hairdresser on what your long hair needs right now and treat yourself to another Extentioniste Protocole to help your hair stay strong as you move into the home stretch.

Hairdressers Training Program Long Hair Goals

Hairdressers Training Program Long Hair Goals


Simply keep up your daily hair care routine. This is no time to slack. You’re almost there!

Checkpoint #3: RETURN TO THE SALON

Your appointment with your hairdresser at the three-month mark will be like a victory lap. Your hair is getting long now! It’s time to re-evaluate your goals. Are you happy with where you are? Or do you want to go even longer? Your hairdresser can advise you on whether or not you need a trim, and how to keep your hair in fighting shape. There’s no stopping you now.

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