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The Ultimate Routine For Damaged Hair

Great hair boosts our confidence and makes us feel beautiful, so let's take care of it. Many factors can wreak havoc on our locks, causing damage that leaves us with brittle, dry, dull, split end ladden hair. In this article we'll indentify what causes hair damage and we'll dive into the best haircare routines for various hair concerns.

Causes of Hair Damage

Signs of Hair Damage

Recognizing the signs of damaged hair is essential to address the issue effectively. Common indications of hair damage include:

Breakage & Split Ends
Hair that's prone to splitting and breaking, even with minimal effort, is a clear sign of damage.

Brittle Strands
If your hair feels dry, rough, and lacks its natural flexibility, it's likely damaged.

Damaged hair often loses its shine and lacks luster.

Frizz can be a result of damaged cuticles that can't keep moisture locked in.

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1. Première: For Damaged Hair

An issue most of us face is damaged hair that is exacerbated by calcium buildup from our shower water. The Première range decalcifies the hair, removing unwanted calcium deposits to leave hair looking and feeling its best once again. Try this routine to see results:

How to Use:

The key is to layer, apply the pre-shampoo concentrate to damp hair then - without rinsing - massage in the shampoo. This double-dose of citric acid and glycine works hard to remove calcium and repair hair. Rinse before applying the conditioner, leaving for 1-3 minutes and rinsing again.

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2. Résistance: For Slightly Damaged Hair

Kérastase Résistance is the ultimate solution for those dealing with slight hair damge. It reinforces the hair's external structure, creating strong, resilient strands that are shiny and smooth from roots to tips. Here are the standout products in this range:

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3. Blond Absolu: For Blonde Hair

For those who want perfect blonde hair but dread the accompanying damage, Blond Absolu is your go-to range. It provides instant hydration and immediate anti-brass action keeping your bleached hair healthy.

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4. Chroma Absolu: For Color Protection

For those who love to color their hair Chroma Absolu offers a comprehensive range of products, perfect for maintaining the vibrancy of your color treated hair. Try this routine:

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5. Genesis: For Hair Fall Due to Breakage from Brushing

Supercharged with ingredients like Edelweiss native cells, and Ginger root to fortify and nourish your hair, Kérastase Genesis tackles hair-fall due to breakage from brushing for all hair types.

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Kérastase's specialized ranges, you can address your hair's unique needs and transform it from weak and brittle to strong and radiant. Whether the damage you're dealing with is calcium build up, breakage, color damage, or hair-fall, there's a Kérastase range that caters to your specific concerns. So, say goodbye to damaged strands and hello to the luxurious, healthy hair you deserve.

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