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7 Steps to Create a Bouffant Ponytail

Straightforward, striking and simply elegant, the bouffant ponytail is a fast way to remarkable volume that is ready for the gym, the gala or the grocery store.


1 - Step 1

Apply Mousse Bouffante Hair Mousse on damp hair and blow dry with a round hair brush.


2 - Step 2

Spray V.I.P. Texturizing Spray onto the roots and gently tease the hair all over.


3 - Step 3

Create a middle part using fingers and isolate the front strand around the face.


4 - Step 4

Make a high messy ponytail, using an elastic hook.


5 - Step 5

Gently pull around the ponytail for more volume.


6 - Step 6

Bring back the front strands to hide the elastic hook of the ponytail.


7 - Step 7

Spray Laque Couture Hair Spray for hold. Pro-tip: Leave hair around the face for an effortless summer look.