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Brittle Hair: Causes, Treatments, And Best Shampoos

What Does Brittle Hair Look And Feel Like?

Brittle hair is a combination of frizzy, split-ends, dull, lack luster and dry hair. Just like cracked skin, brittle hair varies in appearance and can be mildly dull to extremely dry, damaged and fragile, ultimately leading to breakage. At first appearance brittle hair usually feels rough to the touch, with an obviously uneven texture.

What Causes Brittle Hair?

Brittle hair can be difficult to deal with and can take a while to renourish. If you've got brittle hair, and are not sure why, here are a couple of reasons:

Excessive heat styling and overuse of heat styling tools can lead to friction of the hair shaft, leaving hair rough to the touch, brittle and easily broken. The same is true of chemical treatments which can be stripping and can make hair duller and more susceptible to breakage. So Excessive coloring and bleaching of the hair can also cause sensitize your strands.

Poor nutrition can also play a factor. Diets that do not deliver enough vitamins and proteins can have a negative effect on the hair which is also lacking in necessary proteins and vitamins for it to grow and shine.

External factors such as the weather as well as activities that we tend to do more of in different weather such as swimming or spending time under the sun, likewise, being exposed to extreme cold in the winter can have a drying effect on the hair, causing it to become more brittle.

Using the wrong products or the wrong products for your specific hair concern or hair type can also lead your hair and scalp to be drier, especially if you have a sensitive scalp that is easily irritated. If you are unsure about the products you need, check out our hair quiz. In just 5 minutes, we will recommend the perfect routine for your brittle hair.

Stress can also cause your hair to become more brittle. Take time for yourself throughout the week to get ample sleep, exercise, and nutrition to avoid further damage to your body and your hair.

How To Treat Brittle Hair

It’s not only possible to treat brittle hair, but also to prevent brittle hair as well.

Consider changing your hair style, if you are constantly wearing your hair up or in a weave, your hair follicles can feel stress from the tightness of the hairstyle. Additionally, when styling your hair, alternate days on which you are using heat styling tools to give your hair a chance to recover.

Pamper yourself with deep conditioners and hair masks before you start seeing signs of brittle hair, the better you treat your tresses, the less likely they will start to feel dry, damaged or brittle.

Pay attention to your hair types, it is not a one size fits all approach. Pick out products that are right for your hair type and your hair style.

Lastly, brush your hair gently. Hair fall is natural but harsh brushing can lead to wear and tear leading to brittle hair more prone to breakage and falling from brushing.

Best Shampoos For Brittle Hair

There are several types of products that people with brittle hair swear by and those are moisturizing products, anti-frizz products and damage reversing products.

For brittle hair that feels dry, we recommend our Nutritive shampoos for dry to severely dry hair. For damaged hair, we recommend our Resistance Force Architecte shampoo and for extremely damaged hair, our Therapiste shampoo. Blondes with brittle hair should try our Blond Absolu purple shampoo and daily shampoo for stronger, shinier blonde hair. Color-treated hair types, should try to Chroma Absolu shampoos for a more gentle sulfate-free cleansing that aims to preserve salon color. .

Brittle Hair Care Routines

It’s important to keep your strands cleansed, nourished and hydrated and sometimes switching to a repairing shampoo is not enough, you must provide your hair with deeper moisture by investing in a complete cleanse, treat, prime routine.

Brittle Hair - Pro Hair Tips

Stylist Quote On The Best Shampoo For Brittle Hair

Cleanse twice. The first shampoo will remove debrief and product buildup, the second shampoo allows for hair to be completely nourished, and fully benefit from the ingredients in Nutritive.

Steffan Tricoci, Sr. Education Manager Kérastase

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