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Dull Hair: Causes And How To  Restore Shine In 3 Easy Steps

Dull Hair: Causes And How To Restore Shine In 3 Easy Steps

What Does Dull Hair Look Like?

The characteristics of full hair can best be described by lacking luster, roughness to the touch, uneven frizzy surface. Dull hair may be harder to detangle and might look heavier on the head. This does not mean that dull hair is dry or damaged. Often, it lacks vitality and movement. It doesn’t have that healthy hair bounce or a lot of flexibility in styling.

Dull Hair Causes

Dull hair can be caused by product buildup and general oil build-up from your scalp. Dull hair can be a result of infrequent washing, or over washing. The hard water minerals can also cause hair to lose its luster and shine. Aging hair can become dull hair from a lack of nutrients and long-term exposure to sun, heat styling, chemicals or hard water.

How To Brighten Dull Hair And Restore Shine

Just as you would address restoring a healthy glow to dull looking skin, the hair also needs to improve elasticity, shine and strength through restoration. Let’s take a look at 3 easy things you can do to restore shiny hair.

Step 1: Scalp Scrubs

You can detox your scalp and remove unwanted build-up from your hair with a pre-shampoo, especially scrub. For example, with our Argile Équilibrante Cleansing Clay you can remove pollution particle and impurities, and deep cleanse the hair and scalp before shampooing and conditioning your hair.

Step 2: Hair Oils

You can invest in a hair care routine containing precious hair oils. Oils coat the fiber of the hair imparting shine and infusing the dull hair with anti-oxidant protection and hydration. Our Elixir Ultime collection is the ultimate hair routine for long-lasting shine. Instantly take your hair from dull to shiny with a shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and hair oil. The collection features Marula Oil, Camellia Oil and Argan Oil which combine to deliver long-lasting shine, intense fiber nutrition and a lightweight finish for devitalized and dull hair. Read more about our shiny hair care routine here.

Step 3: Dry Shampoo

Refresh your hair. If your hair is dull and you don’t have time to wash it, use a dry shampoo to refresh your style. Our dry shampoo instantly absorbs excess oil on scalp and hair, effectively removing build up and provides a lightweight touch with a clean feeling. The Neroli scent adds a long-lasting freshness to second- or third-day hair styles giving the hair a revitalized appearance. Read more about Fresh Affair Dry Shampoo here.

Best Shampoos For Dull Hair

Best Conditioners For Dull Hair

Best Treatments For Dull Hair

Best Styling Products For Dull Hair

Dull Hair - Pro Hair Tips

Stylist Quote

Want softer, shinier, and stronger hair? Look no further. After cleansing my hair, I am in fragrance heaven! The amount of restoration and regeneration my hair had after just one use is amazing. This will definitely be in my shower from now on!.

Dru Osler | @druosler | Connecticu

Stylist Quote

Great to use after your hair is blown out! Apply on clean hair to extend the blow dry and delay oil buildup.

Carly Quist | @CarlyQuist | Z(ed), New York, NY

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