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The Power of Heat Protectants

Prepare to be blown away. A quad of powerhouse hair primers perform even when styling brings the heat. Thermique technology is the essential first step to easier, healthier hairstyling, for perfect hair, every time.

Blowdrying is a modern marvel. In a few minutes’ time, the simple process of aiming heated air at one’s hair can make it bend to your will, completely transforming your attitude. How comforting, to know that a better day is always just a blowdry away...

Of course, heat styling has its pitfalls. It can be difficult to get it right, and it is stressful on the hair if it isn’t done with the help of a heat protectant. Improper blowdrying can leave you, and your hair, frustrated and exhausted.

Ciment Thermique Hair Milk for Damaged Hair

How comforting, to know that a better day is always just a blowdry away...

A little more than a decade ago, a Kérastase innovation removed this kind of stress from the process— Ciment Thermique. The luxurious thermo-activating milk, introduced in 2006, transforms the heat from a blowdryer into to a soothing, nurturing source of energy.The heat actually empowers the actives in the product to add strength to the hair fiber from the inside out, leaving hair smooth and strong after styling.

In addition to the classic Ciment Thermique, our quad of Thermiques also includes Nectar Thermique, which smooths rough, dry hair; Keratine Thermique, a smoothing milk for anti-frizz effects; Extentioniste Thermique, a length caring gel cream for healthy-looking lengths. With a heat protectant as a first line of defense, blowdrying gets easier, gives better results, and becomes a worry-free way to get the hair you want, whenever it pleases you.

The heat actually empowers the actives in the product to add strength to the hair fiber from the inside out

A Quad of Thermiques

Now available for several hair types, Thermiques remain a Kérastase essential, a first step in all of your heat styling adventures.

Extentioniste Thermique Hair Milk for Long Hair

Extentioniste Thermique Blow Dry Primer

Length caring gel cream, blow-dry care for healthy-looking lengths.

Ciment Thermique Hair Milk for Damaged Hair

Ciment Thermique Blow Dry Primer

Resurfacing reinforcing milk offers superior blowdry care for weakened hair, acting as a leave-in treatment reducing the risk of split ends and brittleness.

Nectar Thermique Hair Milk for Dry Hair

Nectar Thermique Blow Dry Primer

Polishing nourishing dry hair primer combats roughness and dullness while blowdrying.

Keratine Thermique Anti Frizz Hair Milk for Unruly Hair

Keratine Thermique Blow Dry Primer

Smoothing, taming milk assists unruly hair fibers during the blowdry process, for anti-frizz protection from humidity.

How It Works:

The three-step action that preps the hair fiber for blowdrying.

1. Instant Resurfacing
Thermique smooths the outer layer of the hair fiber.

2. In-Depth Care
Thermique infuses the hair fiber with strength from within.

3. Thermo-Sealing
Actives are sealed in under the heat protectant.

Ciment Thermique + Nectar Thermique Preps Hair Fiber for Blow Drying

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