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3 Curly Hair Routines For The Best Hair Yet

3 Curly Hair Routines For 3 Types of Curly Hair

Discover a personalized routine for enhancing your
natural curls and reveal the healthiest version of your natural hair.

Curl Manifesto Hair Care

Curls come in all shapes and sizes, from loose waves and bouncy curls to beautiful corkscrew tendrils, and these differences go beyond just how the hair looks. Every type of curl needs a personalized routine to ensure the curls are cared for and can look their best every, single, day. Caring for your curls doesn’t have to be a chore, in fact, find the right routine and hair care and styling will become a breeze. Below we reveal 3 simple routines for different curl types, all using our incredible new line especially formulated for curly hair - Curl Manifesto.

Routine #1: Wavy Hair

Our first routine is created with Type 2 wavy hair in mind. Type 2 wavy hair isn’t particularly oily or dry and although it is prone to frizz it tends to reflect shine pretty well. Type 2 wavy hair can range from 2A, which is fine and relatively easy to style, through to 2C curly hair which is quite coarse and prone to frizz.

Curl Manifesto Hair Care

A simple 4-step routine that starts with shampoo - Bain Hydration Douceur - to remove product build-up. A gentle creamy shampoo it effectively cleans the scalp and strands whilst also nourishing and hydrating.

Next comes the conditioner - Fondant Hydration Essentielle. This replenishes the hair’s moisture without weighing down the strands.

When it comes to styling you can choose between the Creme de Jour Fondamentale, a frizz-reducing leave-in product for soft and hydrated curls or the Gelee Curl Contour, if you want to really enhance and define your waves without the crunch. They can also be mixed together.

Between Washes:
Our hero product, Refresh is a second-day curl refreshing spray that imparts hydration, enhances shine and re-energises your curls.

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Wavy & Curly Hair Routine For Men

The same routine can be applied for men with curly hair and men with wavy hair. For men with Type 2 wavy hair, a moisturizing shampoo is important to nourish waves and loose curls that are dry and prone to frizz. This should be followed up with a detangling conditioner to make hair easier to style and finished with a curl defining styler, particularly for coarse curly hair that is especially prone to frizz.

curly hair care routine men

Curl Manifesto Hair Care

Routine #2: Very Curly Hair

Our second routine was created with Type 3 curly hair in mind. These spiral curls that range from loose and springy to tight ringlets aren’t as shiny as straight or wavy hair because the follicles don’t lay as flat. Natural moisture doesn’t migrate from roots to tips, so the strands don’t reflect the light as well. This curl type has to deal with dryness, breakage, frizz and tangles, so it needs some extra TLC.

First up, the Bain Hydration Douceur cleanses the scalp and strands, and removes product build-up. With its creamy texture it nourishes and hydrates, too.

Instead of a conditioner, this curl type responds better to a masque. We recommend the Masque Beurre Haute Nutrition, an extra rich treatment it deeply nourishes and smoothes the hair, whilst also helping you to detangle your curls with ease (meaning less chance of unwanted breakage).

Our moisturiser, define, shine styling products really help you to create the final look you want. Creme de Jour Fondamentale tackles frizz thanks to its smoothing leave-in formula. The Gelee Curl Contour helps you to really define your beautiful curls, while the Huile Sublime Repair is a nourishing multi-use oil that you can use on scalp and strands to feed with nutrients and enhance much-wanted shine. For best results, layer the three products for intense nourishment, hydration and shine.

Between Washes:
A total strand-saver, Refresh Absolu is a mist that refreshes, enhances and moisturises curls between washes.

Routine #3: Coily Hair

This routine is created for Type 4 curly hair, this is hair that is tightly coiled and is one of the most fragile hair types that requires a lot of care. You may find your coils have an “S” pattern or they may have a less defined pattern, but whichever you have both require plenty of attention.

Curl Manifesto Hair Care

Here our multi-tasking Huile Sublime Repair can be used to nourish and detangle your curls before cleansing. You can also use it at the styling stage, making it a true multi-tasker!

The cornerstone of all our curly-hair routines, the Bain Hydration Douceur cleanses the scalp and strands, whilst also removing product build-up. It’s effective at cleansing but its creamy texture also nourishes and hydrates your precious curls.

As with Type 3 curly hair, this curl type also responds better to a masque than a conditioner. The Curl Manifesto Masque Beurre Haute Nutrition is an extra rich treatment that is incredibly nourishing and leaves your curls smooth and free of tangles.

Here we recommend a trio of styling products : Known as the LOC method (Leave-in, oil and cream), begin with the leave in cream, layer with the oil and finish with the gelee (gel cream) to lock the moisture and define. The Creme de Jour Fondamentale, a leave-in frizz-reducing treatment, the Huile Sublime Repair oil to nourish scalp and strands and the Gelee Curl Contour to really enhance the beauty of your curls.

At night, you can also use the Huile Sublime Repair (see, we told you it was a multi-talker) to add extra nourishment and care to your curls while you sleep.

Between Washes:
And finally, the Refresh Absolu is a mist that refreshes, enhances and moisturises curls so you can avoid any need to over-wash your hair.

Curl Manifesto Curly Hair Care Routine

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