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How To Get Silky, Shiny,  Glossy Hair In 4 Easy Steps

How To Get Silky, Shiny, Glossy Hair In 4 Easy Steps

How To Get Silky, Soft, And Smooth Hair

You’ve seen the TikTok videos of silky hair that looks like glass. You know it when you see it, it appears to be shiny, healthy, tangle-free and acts like a reflective surface to all forms of light. What you aspire to when looking to achieve silky hair is for all of the cuticles of your hair to lay down uniformly creating an even surface. What you don’t want is uneven porosity or a raised cuticle that can lead to dry, frizzy and tangled hair appearing dull and lifeless.
How does one get silky and shiny hair? Let’s explore a few of the ways.

Step #1

Try sleeping on a silk pillowcase to get silky hair. Cotton pillows absorb moisture, whereas silk pillows are not as absorbent and maintain the oils you need for shiny hair.

Step #2

Cleanse your hair with the best shampoo for your hair type, follow that up with a conditioner or a hair mask, but don’t rinse with hot water. Instead, opt for a cooler rinse which with smooth the hair cuticle down, and keep your hair moisturized. Then, always use a heat protectant before styling. It’s a well-known fact that heat can lead to dryness, damage and split ends which cause friction and result in an appearance anything but silky. For soft, silky hair, apply one of our thermiques. Checkout the power of heat protectants. Thermiques smooth the outer layer of the hair fiber for instant resurfacing and thermo-seal the active ingredients for your smoothest blow-dry.

Step #3

Invest in an at-home high shine hair gloss. Clear hair glosses can enhance natural shine and condition the strands. For example, our Soin Acide Chroma Gloss Hair Gloss for color treated hair results in 94% smoother hair*. This high shine hair gloss strengthens and seals the surface of the hair fiber to protect color and leave a high-shine finish. When the formula mixes with water, it transforms into a luxurious, creamy texture that fully coats and protects the hair. Check out our best-selling hair gloss.

*vs. non-conditioning shampoo
**System Of Soin Acide Chroma Gloss + Serum Chroma Thermique Vs. Non-conditioning Shampoo

• Hair is 94% smoother*
• Hair is 96% stronger*, with reduced porosity*
• 70% more brilliant shine**


Best Products For Silky Hair

Best Products For Glossy Hair

Best Shampoos for Shiny Hair

Silky, Shiny, Glossy Hair - Pro Hair Tips

Stylist Quote On The Best Leave-In For Silky, Glossy, Shiny Hair

One of my "top 3 favorite products". It can be used on any hair type looking for smoothness. Hair is like skin, if you maintain the health of it, it will continue to stay healthy. Apply a quarter sized amount to towel dried hair. For coarse or damaged hair, apply small out of product, blow dry 50% and apply again. I recommend about a quarter sized amount. Never on soaking wet hair, because the product will not actually go into the cuticle, it just "slips" right off the hair.

Elie Tanous | @elietanoussalon | Elie Tanous Salon, Hackensack, NJ

Stylist Quote On The Best Hair Gloss For Silky, Glossy, Shiny Hair

I like to apply this product to hair right after a color service. Soin Acide Chroma Gloss seals the hair cuticle which ensures my color will be high shine and intensely soft!

Cheng Tan | @styledbycheng | San Diego, CA

After you apply the product from mid-lengths to ends gently massage it into the hair to activate the treatment into a rich creamy texture. Rinse thoroughly after 2 minutes. My hair feels like I just had an in-salon treatment after one use!

Kate Magoon / @KateLovesColour / Strand Salon

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