Hair Care That Strengthens & Rebuilds Damaged Hair

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Designed to reconstruct weakened or damaged hair from heat styling or other reoccurring mechanical damage, our hair care regimen rebuilds the hair fiber from roots to ends, helping to prevent breakage and split ends. This regimen is perfect for anyone with weakened or damaged hair who wants to strengthen and protect hair from further breakage.


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Soin Premier Thérapiste
Repairing conditioner for very damaged, over-processed hair.
75ML - 200ML

$20.50 - $45.00

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Bain Thérapiste
Repairing shampoo for very Damaged, over-processed hair.
80ML - 250ML

$20.50 - $43.00

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Masque Thérapiste
Repairing masque for very damaged, over-processed thick hair.
75ML - 200ML

$20.50 - $65.00

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Sérum Thérapiste
Repairing dual-serum for very damaged, over-processed hair.


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Bain Force Architecte
Reconstructing shampoo for damaged hair.
250ml - 80ml

$20.50 - $41.00

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Ciment Anti-Usure
Repairing anti-breakage conditioner for damaged hair.


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