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Hair Care Tips

Discover a curated list of top hair care tips that will help you turn the dream of healthy hair into reality with proper hair care.

Emily Ratajkowski Reveals Blonde Hair

She did it! The iconic brunette Emily Ratajkowski went blonde. Going
blonde is something Emily had been thinking about for a while, but she
was concerned about the toll it could take on her hair. She finally took the leap
with Kérastase and became part of the celebrities who went from brunette to blonde.
The Science of Hair Shine

The Science of Hair Shine

Radiant hair is infinitely desirable, yet it can be so elusive. With Elixir Ultime,
the scientists at Kérastase have harnessed the power of shine to infuse
every strand with undeniable brilliance.
The Easiest Blonde Hair Care You Can Dream Of

The Easiest Blonde Hair Care You Can Dream Of

Blonde hair care is notoriously rigorous, as bleached hair is the most
delicate type, requiring intensive care. But the magic of Serum Cicanuit is
that it delivers concentrated nourishment to sensitized faux blonde hair
overnight with hardly any effort at all. Simply apply 1-2 pumps
of the serum to dry hair, brush it through before bed and... et voila! You will
wake up with a stronger, more hydrated blonde hair.
K Water In Salon Hair Treatment Perfect For All Occasions

K Water In Salon Hair Treatment Perfect For All Occasions

It is never a bad time to get perfect hair instantly,
but there are times when K Water’s transformative power is
particularly desirable. On your most important occasions,
a quick trip to the hair salon will guarantee a stunning
glass hair look when you need it most.

Hair Care For Summer Hair

We may not be able to reach far-flung destinations this year,
but our limited-edition gifts and travel size hair products are perfect
for any break, even the one's closer-to-home.
Aura Botanica Hair Styling Products

Aura Botanica Hair Styling Products

Some prefer the undone air-dried look, while others prefer a perfectly
polished appearance. Bring the heat or go au naturel. Either way,
meet the Aura Botanica products that help achieve the desired look.
Your Personalized Hair Treatment

Your Personalized Hair Treatment

Three women, searching for something... more.
How we created the treatment of their dreams
with Fusio-Dose. Never settle for less
than perfection.

How To Care For Faux Blonde Hair

Going blonde is exhilarating. But stripping the hair leaves
it naked and vulnerable. Blond Absolu provides fiber care
and neutralization for more luminous blonde hair.
The Finest Ingredients On Earth

The Finest Ingredients On Earth

Samoan Coconut Oil, Amazonian Brazil Nut Oil, Mexican Aloe Vera, Thai
Rice Bran Oil, Paraguayan Sugar & Moroccan Argan Oil, these ingredients
impart unparalleled benefits on the hair. Explore the natural actives that
give Aura Botanica its incredible power.
Beautiful Hair is Not Related to Age Anymore

Beautiful Hair is Not Related to Age Anymore

Day after day, year over year, we live our lives to the fullest. Experiences,
achievements and milestones are occurring all the time.
When we stop to reflect on the trials and triumphs,
we sometimes find that our beauty has shifted. Sensitivity
and slackness appears at the scalp, while the hair
becomes dry and dull. Time begins to show.

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